This New Vibrant Cafe In Empressa Hotel Serves Some Delicious Food & Desserts

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What Makes It Awesome?

Loco Loca is located on the ground floor of the Hotel Empressa.

It has an open ambience, vibrant and lively vibes and some delicious food. Also, the best part about it is they have a Pasteleria Bakery which serves so many types of desserts both egg and eggless.

Went to this place with a friend for lunch and we were pretty hungry.

We ordered:

1. Khopoli Croquetas: This sounded so different so we gave it a try. It is basically their style of serving the vada pav. If you love vada pav, you must try this. Served it in such an amazing way. This dish isn't a miss.

2. Onion and goat cheese puff tart: This dish was puff pastry filled in with caramelized spiced onions with cream on top. Quite different. The tarts were a little hard but the taste of caramelized spiced onions totally compensates for it.

3. Jalapeno corn whoopers Burger: Burger with a small patty's inside made up of jalapenos and corn and cheese. This Burger was quite different than normal burgers you try.

4. Veg Biryani: well Biryani is like Bae to me, but it was quite normal over here. You can miss out on this one.

5. Nectar Blanco: This was a cocktail made up of white wine infused with pineapple, kiwi and rosemary. This tasted so good. 😍

6. Dark Double Chocolate Brownie Shake: A chocolate shake with brownie pieces added to it and also one large piece of brownie served on top of the glass. A perfect sweet drink with just an appropriate amount of sugar.

7. Red velvet cupcake: Cute little cupcake which was yummy.

8. Whiskey and smoke: This is basically a dessert shaped in the form of chocolate cigar filled with chocolate mousse and whiskey and burnt white chocolate ash. This dessert isn't a miss. Looks presentable and tastes amazing.

Must visit this new cafe.

What Could Be Better?

They should have more options in Cocktails and Mocktails!

How Much Did It Cost?

₹500 - ₹1,000

Best To Go With?

Family, Big Group, Bae, Kids, Pets