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What Makes It Awesome?

Taking the party atmosphere a level a higher we JLWA gets introduced to us by the Priyanka Sukhija group which got restaurants. Like Tamasha, Lord Of The Drinks and many more. JLWA is one such place that you can rely not just on the Party Vibe of this place but also the FOOD here which is completely satisfying along with their own innovative Cocktails.

The place is located on Bandra Linking Road on the 3rd floor of VN Sphere building giving you a nice view of the surroundings and creating an awesome rooftop party atmosphere with Green, Blue and Golden decor hues flowing through the place along with dark yellow lights lighting up your mood in the party music and relaxing some in its spacious seatings.

Food made here is quite like the usual bar snacks made to perfection which makes it taste delicious while their Euro-Indian food will surprise you with the exciting combination to be had especially the cocktails that are blended at the bar station which is really attractive with the decor and finish of it. The Bar Station is sure to catch your eye while the mixologist prepares your favorite spirits here.

From the Cocktails the most famous one is the Banarasi Paan Beer, it is as attractive as its name. The cocktail has luscious flavours of Paan blended in with Vodka, Bourbon and a sweet fizzy mix of Apple Juice, Maple Syrup topped with Egg White and Beer. This Drink is blended to perfection and is sweet heaven to be cherished.

Other than this you get, Imli Takatak a strong tequila-based cocktail flavored with tamarind and masala to add a sourish spicy touch to it which kicks as a good flavor.

Peach And Cherry a cocktail with a creamy touch of coconut ice-cream infused with Vodka to it getting in a rush comforting flavours on your taste buds which will get you relaxed with its sweet spirited taste.

Tauba Tera JLWA, this cocktail belongs the crazy cocktail categories which have a very strong base made just for the alcohol lovers. It is a pure mixture of 6 different alcohols mainly Absinthe, Vodka, Tequila, Elderflower Wine this will surely open up your senses and make you want to hit the dance floor.

The Food here is not compromised over and as made to give you a great taste while having your favorite blended liquor. The simple Bar snacks here are equally delicious as the exciting Euro Indian category of food prepared here.

Addictive Nachos sounds a lot like a simple bar snack but will surely surprise you with its delicious loaded quantity of Cheesy Nachos decked up well with cheese and salsa sauce which provides an appetizing tangy spicy touch to these delicious crisps to be enjoyed.

Mutton Galouti Vol-Au-Vent, this is a combination of Euro Indian cuisine where the finely Minced Mutton Meatball is placed over a French puff pastry. The Meatballs are seasoned really well and are tender and juicy to a taste of the authentic flavorsome Indian spices these are seasoned and marinated with.

Grilled Prawns, sharp spicy and bit of sweetish flavor of the gravy that these grilled prawns are sautéed in is really delicious to have. These prawns are skewered and wound around with fritters to provide a Crunchy taste with the juicy prawns. This is sure to be loved for its spicy tanginess.

Hadippa Paneer Tikka and Nimboo Kali Mirch Chicken are the Indian innovations which don't need much of an introduction. The Paneer Tikka being simply roasted with tangy appetizing Tikka Masalas getting it tendered up. The method of cooking is used for Nimboo Kali Mirch Chicken where it is marinated with Black Pepper Powder and curd provided a creamy and spicy taste when roasted.

Being a bar this place is not big in its desserts but there was one such delicious dessert that I had here which I truly loved was The Lemon French Toast, A simple creation perfectly made just to comfort your taste buds and end your meal with joy. It consists of three drenched French Toasts Over a bed of sweet, thick and creamy Indian pudding uniform and really smooth to taste. This is a perfect example of a delightful Euro Indian Comfort Food made from simple ingredients.

The place overall is a perfect spot if you are planning to spend time making your night crazy with the music or looking out to have a relaxing time sipping on a beer with delicious food at side.

What Could Be Better?

Everything I experienced here was upto the mark and spot on right from the food to the ambience and service that I was provided with.

How Much Did It Cost?

₹1000 - ₹3000

Best To Go With?

Big Group, Bae