Have You Eaten The Amazing Kebabs And Baida Roti At This Street Stall?

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Nice Fast Food Corner in Santa Cruz is a roadside food stall you might miss if you weren’t looking for it. But you shouldn’t – it’s where we’ve found the most delectable, fresh and juicy meats on Mumbai streets.

Chow Down

Located on SV Road, the stall gets very busy in the evenings for reasons that will become obvious once you get there. After placing an order – maybe after a quick glance at the board on the side with the whole, meat-heavy menu on it, the food will reach you within minutes, having been freshly made then and there.

We recommend the baida roti to start with. Served on paper plates in neatly chopped cubes, the baida is fresh and crisp with a tender meat filling that never errs towards being too greasy, and served with a green chutney on the side that makes all the difference. Follow this up with a couple of rounds of the kebabs. The mutton kebabs are juicy and flavourful, and we also recommend the khiri tikkas {udder tikkas} if you’re a little more adventurous.

If you’re hungry, you might be tempted to go for the wraps. We would say avoid it – while the wraps are not bad at all, they’re not exceptional like the rest of the menu.

Sip On

There’s not a lot to drink here, but they do have a couple of cold drinks if you need something to wash down this exceptional meal with.

Anything Else?

You can order a meal from your car or taxi and wrap up the whole process of eating the meal within fifteen minutes. The stall also has many tissues and small water tap for washing your hands after the meal. There’s no place to sit, really – other than a longish stool on the side, so be ready to wolf down your meal while standing next to the sizzling kebabs. You can expect a meal to not cross INR 200 at the very maximum – if you’ve had three or more dishes here, that is.