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These Stunning Photos Of Ladakh Will Convince You To Book Your Tickets Now

    Picturesque doesn’t even begin to describe Ladakh. Stark and stunning landscape, clear blue skies, rosy-cheeked locals and quaint villages make it one for the travel bucketlist. While it may take you some time to acclimatise yourself to the low oxygen level, you will be the happiest one once you land there. Don’t believe us? Take a look at these beautiful pictures and start booking your tickets now.

    Lake Me Away

    The Pangong Lake needs no introduction, and is definitely a sight for sore eyes. Breathtakingly beautiful, the wide blue expanse captivates both the eyes and the heart in one go, leaving you with stocked up photo gallery. No trip to Ladakh is complete without a visit here, so make sure you save a day for sightseeing.


    The monasteries in Ladakh are both alluring and fascinating. Whether you’re looking for inner peace or want to enjoy Buddhist heritage, you’ll get both. They foster inclusion and believe in quiet reflection and happiness. With gorgeous views of the valleys, and a calming vibe, you’ll be getting some much needed down time here.

    Cultural & Culinary Appeal

    Warm, friendly and happy, Ladakh is a comforting blanket for the soul {yes, in spite of the cold} and offers immense mental respite. Make sure you head to the Leh Market to interact with the locals, engage and interact with diverse travelers and stock up on trinkets to take back home. As for the food, from signature offerings includingthukpa, butter tea {yum!}, skyu and khambir, load up on the indulgent preparations that are nutritious and delicious.

    Star Light, Star Bright

    With beautiful landscapes and amazing skyscapes, Tso Moriri is a wonderful spot for stargazing. Grab your camera and go camping, because you’ll get stunning shots of the clear skies and bright stars. Want to improve the Instagram feed exponentially? The Nubra Valley is also another spot for twinkling lights, and the grassy hilltops make it even better.

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