Hanuman Delivers Pizza & Buddha Instagrams Himself In This Art Series

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Adrita Das, a freelance illustrator has a wicked sense of humour, and we’re loving her series of ‘Gods Taking Selfies’ which is a fun, contemporary take on the deities in today’s time.

Gods Taking Selfies

A Bengali in Mumbai, who resides in Mumbai half the time, and in Pune, the rest, Adrita began this project as a fun personal blog, where she started taking archived paintings and making collages out of them to make them more relevant to today.

The idea was never to offend anyone, just to amuse. These gorgeous out-of-copyright images were then converted into more relatable froms of art, whether it is Hanuman carrying boxes of dominoes pizza around Mumbai city, Begum rejecting people on Tinder while listlessly lying down, Saraswati playing the veena like quite the rockstar or even Gautam Buddha playing around with the Instagram logo.

How Do We Get These?

She’s selling these prints as a set of 8 postcards for INR 250, and also as badges. However, she isn’t really looking to sell any particular print individually, unless it is a special request. The one above, with Hanuman is not available in postcard form, but you can write to her about it individually.

So, We’re Saying…

No offense, kids. This is all in jest and light-hearted humour. If this isn’t your cup of tea, check out some of Adrita’s other works on her Facebook page here too.