Noor E Punjab Stikes Back With New Special Menu

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What Makes It Awesome?

Visited Punjab Grill for lunch to try their new Noor-e-Punjab menu. Firstly, the interiors are absolutely gorgeous and with natural light filling up the room you feel so cosy. They have an open kitchen which we absolutely love. It’s an amazing feeling to see your food being cooked. The servers were really polite and prompt with their service. The chef was just so humble and explained the whole concept of their new menu which is created by five chefs who went exploring food in different regions of Punjab.

Coming to the food, here’s what we tried:
-Malai Lassi(4/5)- Started off with this refreshing sweet lassi topped with fresh malai. Not too sweet.
-Kala Chana Shorba(3/5)- This needed a bit more flavour to it.
-Patialawale Singhare Tikke(4/5)- Tandoored singhara fish. Really tasty and just so soft.
-Sigri Kukkad(5/5)- Our most favourite dish here. The chicken was marinated to perfection and tandoored to absolute perfection. A must try.
-Chole Kulcha(3/5)- The chole was top notch. Not too spicy and just the right amount of flavours. The Kulcha, however, was disappointing. Felt more like pita bread.
-Mutton Kharoda Curry(4/5)- It is their special dish of the menu and we agree. A must try for mutton lovers.
-Dhaba Dal(5/5)- Made with three kinds of dal. This dal packs a punch of flavour literally exploding in your mouth on every bite. A must try.
-Ambarsari Kulcha(5/5)- Basically aloo pyaaz Kulcha. This Kulcha was the real Kulcha and not like the one they served with “chole kulcha”. This one was perfectly crisp on the side and soft in the middle just like an authentic Kulcha from Punjab. Recommended.
-Tawa Keema Paratha(5/5)- The stuffed Keema is absolutely lip smacking and the Paratha was just so yummy. Must try this.
-Chicken Biryani(4/5)- We asked the chef to make it spicy and it turned out to be delicious. Definitely try this biryani.
-Gurh Ka Halwa(4/5)- Not a huge fan of halwa but we’re pretty sure if you love halwa then you’re gonna love this because it was loaded with ghee.

Overall, we were pretty happy with their new menu. Some dishes do need a do-over but some were a delight. Definitely coming back for the Sigri Kukkad.

How Much Did It Cost?

₹1,000 - ₹3,000

Best To Go With?

Family, Big Group, Bae, Kids.