Art From The Mountains: Norbulingka Seeks To Preserve Tibetan Arts and Crafts

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What Makes It Awesome

Tibetan culture - despite its tumultous political atmosphere - is undeniably beautiful. Of course, this extends to their local arts and crafts, as well. What comes to our minds when we think of Tibetan crafts has got to be images of temple bells, prayer flags, golden idols and Tibetan pottery!

Norbulingka seeks to support and preserve Tibetan crafts, and we think it's a cause worth getting behind. This Dharamsala-based institute also has a Tibetan restaurant (Norbuling) and a whole program for the Arts. They're always conducting fun workshops, too! 

The products we loved were the furniture (that distinctive Tibetan wood!), the Lapis Lazuli necklaces, and the Thangka paintings! The range starts at INR 700, and we think that's quite reasonable considering all the products are made by local artisans. This is a great place to shop when you're travelling, too!


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