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    Generic No{se} More: These Nose Pins By Benaazir Are The Bomb

    Ipsita posted on 13 January


    We’re in the nose pin phase. You know, when those generic stone pins just don’t cut it, which is why we fell in love with Benaazir.

    Silver & Pearls

    When we discovered Benaazir, our hands went straight for the pin on our nose, which we then tried to yank out for being so stupidly generic and small, it might as well have not been there. While we failed miserably at the nose pin removal, our happiness for having found these beauties knew no bounds.

    Playing on textures, enamels, and pearls, these nose pins are just the right size between taking over the face and disappearing completely. Don’t have a nose piercing? They have clip versions of each design apart from the regular ones.

    So We’re Sayin’…

    Their gold-plated nose pins are truly stellar—perhaps the only ones that we’ll consider {actually, love} wearing before even turning 40.

    Where: Buy nose-pins here

    Price: Starting at INR 700

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