Healthy Snacking 101: This Brand Brings Premium Dry Fruits From Their COO To You

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Nuts For Us

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What Makes It Awesome

It's 5pm. You've been working for hours and you suddenly feel a pang of hunger. I'm all too familiar with that feeling. And trying to go the healthier route, I've been trying to swap out the chips and biscuits for something a bit healthier (at least a good portion of the time!).

So when I found this brand, Nuts For Us, I was pretty happy to get some nutritious snacking options and quit the unhealthy snackies. Run by a sister duo, Tania and Tanvi, Nuts For Us is backed up by over 130 years in the dry fruit business - their family has been doing this for a while! The idea is provide wholesome, pure and fresh dry fruits and cold-pressed oils that are sourced from their COO (Country of Origin). Their dry fruits are ethically sourced, carefully sorted and certified too. 

The product range includes dry fruits, nuts and seeds and cold-pressed oils. There are almonds and cashews from California, walnuts from Chile, mamra almonds from Iran and munakka from Afghanistan. If you like snacking on handfuls of seeds, they have pumpkin, flax and sunflower as well as chia seed for those healthy breakfast smoothies. In cold-pressed oils, there is mustard (great for cooking for an extra oomph of flavour) as well as coconut and sweet almond (great for skin and hair).

What Could Be Better

We'd love to see dry fruit mixes or maybe some salted options.


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