Enjoy Wilderness, Waterfalls And More At This Homestay For Only INR 3,750 Per Person

Off The Grid

What Makes It Awesome?

Think of wilderness, waterfalls, streams and birds chirping, and then think of a beautiful homestay nestled amidst it all. That’s Off The Grid for you, figuratively and literally. A serene homestay on the border of North Goa and Karnataka, this place is run by the husband-wife duo of Sylvia Kerkar and John Pollard.

Off The Grid is an absolute joy owing to it being in the thick forest, completely isolated from the world. One can enjoy the streams, waterfalls that come to life especially during the monsoons and or if you just want to enjoy the nature’s calm.

In fact true to its name, there’s hardly any network or internet that goes around. The philosophy is to embrace the nature, the beauty of the area and for once, forget the incessant need to check our phones and log onto social media sites.

There’s a myriad of hidden waterfalls awaiting to be explored and discovered by trekking. It is practically in the middle of the forest and is lapped up in the arms of nature and thick cover of green for anyone to be transported to Narnia sans all the snow. The weather here is always cool, thanks to the waterfalls and lush green cover. For INR 3,750 per night per person (twin sharing system) and INR 5,000 per night for individual occupancy which also includes food, boarding and trekking.

Regular treks are organised by the Forest department, especially to Dudhsagar waterfall. If you’d like to explore the area by yourself, that can be arranged too. In fact, one can even sign up for a pottery class on request. Unleash your creativity at their studio, and hone your pottery skills (additional charges are applicable).

If you’re all about the wildlife, then this is the place to go to. Since the retreat is surrounded by thick forests, one can easily spot bisons, sambar deer, and sometimes, if you’re lucky enough, even leopards.

There’s no need to worry though as they don’t venture into the staying area. If you’re all about the nature, isolation and greenery, head here for some calm time off.

How To Reach:

It’s really easy to get there. Take a flight to Goa which is two and a half hour drive off the grid. If you’re looking for a convenient pick up, they will offer a transport from the airport and back for an additional charge.

Off The Grid