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    Oh So Fly: Personalise Your Travel Essentials On This Cool Website

    Anushka posted on 22 July

    Ever looked at celebrities and wanted to imitate their cool airport style? Or want to always look stylish on the go but your accessories and essentials don’t reflect the cool vibe you’re going for? Well, there’s no need to worry. Whether you’re going to Goa or a grand Euro trip, personalise everything from luggage tags, travel kits, planner, laptop sleeves and more with Tisora Designs. You can customise everything from colour, style, embellishments and even add your name to your travel and lifestyle accessories.

    Passport Covers

    More than your destination, your passport reflects your traveling style. Make it stunning with Tisora Designs, and pick your kind of cover – with matt colours, glitter looks and croco textures available on offer. Customise it with charms and a badge for your name, and voila, you’ll be inspiring kickass airport style yourself!

    Luggage Tag

    Your suitcase maybe standard, but your luggage tag should espouse your vibe. Get it in baby pink, navy blue or royal brown – and add your favourite charm to it and inscribe your name, so you can spot it on the conveyor belt! And trust us, luggage envy from co-passengers will be coming your way!

    Travel Kit

    Boring old pouches to store your traveling essentials are a thing of the past, so make sure your toiletries are stylishly stored in kits by Tisora Designs. With glitter options and croc textures, your kit will get everyone’s attention! Get your favourite colour and design it to your preference, and you’ll be able to keep everything from cosmetics, grooming essentials, additional chargers and more – and add a pop of colour to your journey!

    Laptop Sleeve

    On a business trip or carrying your laptop to catch up on your Netflix shows on your vacation? Wear your heart on {laptop} sleeve! Well, you can take your laptop in a stylish yet functional sleeve, customised to suit your needs. From sassy quotes to cute designs, you won’t be able to resist these sleeves!


    Personalised Hamper? Yes, Please!

    With Tisora Designs, personalise all your accessories and make them bold, charming and stylish – just like you! You can even get their hamper – and get a set of 4 that’s personalised to perfection!

    We can’t get enough of their customization services – so start shopping and be prepared to compulsively add more items to cart. Check out their website for their amazing products. Follow them on Facebook and Instagram.

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