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What Makes It Awesome

Folks who live and work alone, and/or are culinarily-challenged (sorry about our made-up words), know what it's like to really struggle to whip up a meal, especially when you spend all day working. While most of us had figured out our ways around NOT cooking... The pandemic has us locked down with our kitchen-inexperienced selves, with no cook to salvage us, and no real meals. Thankfully, restaurants are tightening down on their sanitation measures, really going all-in with temperature checks and WHO guidelines, and stepping up to help our situation.

OhhDaily is one such kitchen. While we do appreciate the occasional greasy pizza, lavish Biryani and the generous helping of chicken wings, we do crave simple, homely food that feels nourishing and light.

They've got simple Usals, Roti-Sabzis and rice dishes that'll make sure you feel satiated, without feeling TOO satiated. Order in some home-style goodness now.