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What Makes It Awesome

A lot of us who've grown up visiting our grandparents and older relatives will always remember that the smell of summer was incomplete without the smell of mango pickles made at home. Childhood for most of us was even helping and getting to taste all sorts of pickles before they were bottled up to consume for the rest of the year. We've always loved anything that would take us down memory lane, and we've found you a brand that's holding your hand and taking you back. Say hello to Old Fashioned Gourmet (OFG). 

What drew us to this brand is that it has been reviving heirloom recipes for pickles and spices throughout the country. Caught your attention now? Well, trust us when we tell you, we've been salivating all this while, writing about them. Okay, let's get straight to it. They have a host of pickle options, curry-in-a-hurry (curry powders to make cooking easy, bless them!), papads, salts & spices, squashes, and even dry specialities. 

Their pickles range from all sorts of mango pickles, lemon pickles, chilli pickles and they even have garlic, turnip and gooseberry pickles. Now, we've tried one of their curry powders - their garam masala (INR 150) which was a great recommendation by a colleague. They have a pretty cool variety here, from aloo dum masala to Mangalore ghee roast, hari mirch masala to even sambhar masala. We're excited to try their ancient mint salt (INR 150), kabuli hing (INR 180) and their Chinese five-spice blend (INR 150). 

They also have three different types of squashes - ginger ale, mango pudina crush and their mint lemonade; all for INR 330. Now, we love to experiment with our Indian cooking, and one thing we've recently discovered is the dal vadis that are super popular everywhere, but just come in different names. OFG has two types of vadis - moong dal (INR 120) and urad dal (INR 70) that we just can't wait to try! 

Food has always been one staple that we love spending on and experimenting with, and what better than the perfect accomplice to our Indian cuisine than such heritage?

Price: Pickles from INR 250, masalas from INR 150, papads at INR 400, spices from INR 80, squashes at INR 300