Get Mutton Paaya & Nalli Nihari For Just INR 150 At This 80-Year-Old Eatery

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Meat lovers can rejoice at this one. We visited the legendary ‘Surti 12 Handi’ {pronounced as Surti Bara Handi} in Bhendi Bazar and found what rightly should be called a meat lover’s heaven.

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Apart from the fact that Surti 12 Handi has been ruling the hearts since 1938, their preparation of meat is commendable. They have a huge furnace with places for their 12 handis {clay pots} which sink perfectly into the heat. The meat is cooked for good 8-10 hours on coal inside the furnace before it is served. Different sigris {stoves} left under the handis keep the food warm and fresh. For all the foodies who have a thing for delectable meat, this place is a must visit.

The famous dishes on the menu are chote ka paya {mutton paya}, bade ka paya {beef paya}, sukha gosht {pan fried lamb}, nahari {mutton stew}, pichota {the rump of the animal and the tail}, nalli {bone marrow} and dal harissa. All the items are available for INR 150 and you can add extra bone marrow to whatever you are taking for 50 bucks.

We ordered the Bara Handi Bhel, which basically has a mix of all the meats and it tastes heavenly. Order your preferred choice of meat with warm rotis and you’ll definitely come back for more.

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If you are living in Mumbai without having tried Surti 12 Handi, then you are pretty much missing out on life. The shop is opened from 5:00 am to 10:00 am in the morning and 5:00 pm to 10:00 pm in the night. During Ramzan, the timings are 8:30 pm to midnight.


The area around the shop is a little secluded and can get a bit eerie during early hours. So, we suggest that women go there in large groups.