Scale That Peak: These One-Day Treks In Maharashtra Mustn't Be Missed During Monsoons

    There’s nothing better than hitting the hills and wandering off into the mist. And since monsoons are almost here, here are some hikes you can take up to conquer that mountain and rejuvenate your soul. They're just a couple of hours and a drive away from Mumbai, and have spectacular structures that have us scrambling all over.

    Korigad Fort

    This isn't a physically taxing hike. The route has steps going up, so the journey becomes smooth. However, as the climber proceeds, he/she is tricked into thinking that the incline is getting steeper and steeper with time. One will still find remnants of the fort on the way up. You will be crossing ancient stone arches while you're at it, and once you reach the top, you will see a sprawling flat table. At the top, the structure is surprisingly well-preserved, with the ramparts, the water cisterns, temples and some ruins of other spaces making it great to explore. It’s a good two kilometre walk around the ramparts of the top, with fabulous views of the valleys around, so save some energy for that.

    Trekking Time: An hour to get to the top, one hour to explore the top, and an hour to descend.

    Asherigad Fort

    This one's near Palghar. Expect yourself to be in awe of the emerald-green paddy fields at the commencement point. You will be walking past a charming village with small houses. The lower section of the trek is through thick wooded slopes and as we get to the top, there are fewer trees, giving us great views of the landscape all around. Now it’s not easy to find the turn for Asherigad when you reach Thane, but ask locals for Khodkona bus stop. There’s a small concrete cabin/bus stop to mark your turn-off, which should appear about a kilometer after the Indian Oil petrol pump. The village is a short drive away from the NH8 after the turn-off. You can park your car here and start your trek.

    Trekking Time: Two hours to ascend, an hour at the top, and one hour to descend.


    Now this one is quite an adventurous affair. During peak monsoons, the fort in Tandulwadi is notorious for causing trekkers to get lost while trying to reach the top. There are so many trees that one can barely see ten feet ahead of him/her. And the markings painted onto stones are usually washed off in the first rain. But it’s an unforgettable experience. Once you reach Thane, turn left towards Tandulwadi Village, and stop near the Tandulwadi school. You can park there and begin your trek.

    Trekking Time: Two hours to ascend, one hour at the top, and one hour to descend.

    Tikona Fort

    This craggy triangular fort blesses people with a great trekking experience because of the sloping sides. There are some sections that are pretty steep, and you’ll have to lower your body to stay close to the surface. The top yields beautiful views of Pavna Lake, and other forts in the area, with the Visapur and Lohagad twin forts being the highlight. All you've gotta do is reach the Tikona Peth in Kamshet and start ascending. 

    Trekking Time: Two hours to ascend, one hour at the top, and one hour to descend.

    Takmak Fort

    Takmak fort could easily be our favourite trek this monsoon. It has a beautifully undulating shape, offering some rocky swells and ridges, long outcrops of rocks that jut out, and a 360-degree view of the ghats. This one's a bit challenging and not really for someone who's a beginner in the trekking domain. But the trek's worth it all. You will find beautiful small temples as well as cisterns filled with deep green water. From the top, one can see the confluence of Tansa and Vaitarna rivers. Head to Virar and drive around twenty kiolmetres further towards the Sakna village. That's where your trek starts. 

    Trekking Time: Two hours to ascend, one hour at the top, and another hour to descend.

    Rajmachi Fort

    Rajmachi fort, though is easier and more accessible from Pune, it’s a really popular trek among the Mumbaikars. The lush greenery here comes to life during monsoons. The peak has two fortified structures-Shrivardhan fort and Manoranjan fort. It’s an easy trek and suitable for beginners. This trek will give you one of the most breathtaking views of the entire valley, especially when the rains have subsided and there's still slight mist in the air. 

    Trekking Time: Approximately two hours to get to the top, and another hour and 45 minutes to descent.

    Mahuli Fort Trek

    Mahuli Fort in Thane district is one of the most popular treks that you can try in a day. The fort stands tall and is the highest peak in Thane. Though the creator of the fort remains unknown, Mahuli fort is atop a hill facing the western side of the Sahyadri ranges. The pinnacle of the fort gives a panoramic view of the lush and thick forest cover below, and is astoundingly peaceful. The top-most plateau on the fort is a combination of three mountains and tinier pinnacles make for a breathtaking view. Also, the fort comes under the jurisdiction of Tansa Wildlife Sanctuary and they may collect INR 20 for its maintenance from the trekkers.

    Trekking Time: It takes approximately three hours to get to the top.


    Make sure you carry a raincoat, snacks, water, insect repellent, a basic first-aid kit and a change of clothes. Wear comfy clothing during monsoon treks. Trekking pants or leggings, a quick-dry tee with long sleeves if possible and well-gripping sports shoes, to be precise.