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One Of The Best Dessert Places In Vile Parle!

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What Makes It Awesome?

Dessert Junction is a small but very pretty cafe located in vile parle East approximately 15 minutes walking distance From the station.

The ambience is very welcoming and also the servers were quite helpful with quick service.

We had the following dishes:

1. Assorted cheesy samosas:

A bowl of small but quite cheesy samosas. Each Samosa, with the cheese being common, other ingredients were quite different making each bite a surprising one!

The samosas were served with schezwan chutney and tomato ketchup which went really well with the taste of the samosas.
A must try for Samosa lovers.

2. Garlic pizza

A regular sized pizza is sufficient for one person. It was topped with different coloured Bell peppers, onions, olives and of course, cheese. It was quite a tasty and enjoyable dish.

3. DJ special fries

Very tempting looking cheesy and saucy fries with cheesy stuffed potato tots. The blend of different sauces and the cheesy potato tots along with the fries brought out a very different and tasty flavour. A must try for all the cheesy fries fans.

4. Chocolate dip CAD

So basically, CAD indicates thick chocolate shakes. A tall glass of rich, thick chocolate shake with a large dollop of vanilla ice cream on top and a sprinkle of colourful gems. A delightful vision to the eye, it was equally good to taste! The quantity served was quite good for a single person. All in all, it was a wonderful dessert and a must try.

5. Roasted almond CAD

Another tempting looking thick chocolate shake sprinkled richly with grated chocolate and roasted almonds. A spoonful of the shake along with the grated chocolates and almonds was heavenly and we instantly loved it. Very filling dessert since quantity served was really good. A must try when you visit this place.

6. Strawberry sundae(seasonal)

This sundae was the star of our visit to this cafe. A visual and tasteful delicacy, it became an instant favourite. Quantity served was very good, sufficient for approximately two to three people. It was a very unique dessert with various layers. Starting with a layer of strawberry whipped cream topped with fresh strawberries, followed with strawberry ice cream. This was followed by a layer of rasgullas which brought a unique but wonderful twist to the dessert, followed by the last layer of fresh strawberries and vanilla ice cream. This dessert is something that you definitely cannot miss.

All in all, it was a good visit to this cafe. Definitely recommended to pay a visit here.

How Much Did It Cost?

Under ₹500

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