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One Of The Best Parsi Diners In Town!

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What Makes It Awesome?

Scrumptious, appetizing authentic Parsi cuisine, rich flavourful dishes, Royal and vintage ambience and Impeccable, courteous service is what this beautiful place Jumjoji offers!!

This is one of those places where you need to have that once in a lifetime experience ♥️ .

📍WATERMELON MOJITO:- This was such a refreshing and exquisite drink. Tasted of pure watermelon and yet somehow different. This drink definitely had a calming effect after drink.

📍GUAVA TWISTER:- This drink tastes like a fusion of sweet and sour flavours. This drink has a tingling effect on your taste buds after drinking it and feels so warm and happy.

📍Bahrom Dorabjee 's CHICKEN FARCHA:- This was an amazing, succulent and tender, crispy chicken delicacy. It had the perfect crust crunch on the outside. Just the sound of moving your fork around the crispy part could tell you about the crispiness and freshness of the dish. On the inside, the delectable tender juicy chicken with green masala filling was absolutely a treat to have. The flavours were spot on and portions quite filling.

📍Amaiti Gowasjee's PATRA NI MACHHI:- This is a truly unique and beautiful dish. It really gave me a very unique experience in terms of flavour. This dish consists of intricately marinated pomfret vibrant green coriander -coconut chutney which is wrapped in a banana leaf and then steamed till it's cooked to perfection. This dish might not look appealing to you but as the first bite just goes into your mouth it's just a burst of flavours in your mouth. A fantastic job was done with this one.👍

📍Uncle Farzan 's CHICKEN SALLI:- This consists of lightly simmered and medium spicy flavoured red chicken gravy dish served with crispy thin potato straws. I had this dish with bread and the first thing I noticed is that the bread was so soft and fluffy. This was such a delightful treat to have. The chicken was boneless and tender and gravy absolutely fantastic.

📍MUTTON BERRY PULAO:- This dish is one of the best rice-based dishes I have ever had!! The flavours were rich and balanced.The perfect balance of sweetness and a bit spiciness was so amazing to have. And the mutton was boneless too. Just kept on eating and eating. Beautiful flavourful rice with boneless mutton and garnish of caramelized onions and pomegranate.

They managed to take simple components like gulab jamun and rabri and elevate it to its finest!
It was phenomenal eating this. Hats off to the chef who made this beauty. Beautiful balance of sweetness.

📍Homi Godiwala's LAGAN NU CUSTARD:- I'm not really a fan of custards but this delicacy changed my opinion of that. PERFECT BALANCE of sugar and milk and flavours were so good.

What Could Be Better?

Nothing experience was amazing.

How Much Did It Cost?

₹1,000 - ₹3,000

Best To Go With?

Family, Bae, Big Group