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Walnut Brownie, Cheesecake Or Jalebi: Order In Some Sweet Treats For Cheat Day

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Staying at home can get a bit tedious. Apart from binge-watching, we just can’t help but order in to keep ourselves happy. And when the cravings hit, all we want is the wildest of our dessert wishes to come true. We’ve all wanted something a bit more than an ice-cream, but not a cake. A waffle perhaps, but something cold.

Here’s a list of dessert joints in Mumbai to help you pick out your ideal dessert (to deliver):

Chantilly, Bandra

A quaint store in the middle of a bustling street, Chantilly provides pure indulgence in cute boxes. Their hot chocolate with smores is comforting and their cookies rarely stay on the shelf. They also have savory and sweet waffles with whipped cream, gooey brownies, coolers, ice-creams and the classic cheesecake. We’ve seen people lining up just to take away their order, and we recommend you to ask them to deliver instead.

We Recommend: Classic Hot Chocolate with Smores, Chilled Butterbeer, Brookie (Brownie+ Cookie)

Mama Mia, Multiple Outlets

Want an ice-cream and a cake? Mama Mia has got you covered. Their ice-cream cake options are to die for, not to mention their mousse and cheesecake jars which are transported straight from heaven to your doorstep. They also have different ice-cream and gelato flavours and ready to eat sundaes.

We Recommend: Moroccan Mint Chip Ice cream, Red Velvet Mousse Jar, Roasted Almond Fudge Sundae, Pink Cheesecake.

Cream Lounge, Borivali West

A dessert parlour with aesthetics of the 90s, this one serves classic and super shakes, ice-creams, fun sundaes, parfaits, pancakes, waffles, coolers, bubble teas, hot chocolate and more. They don’t hold back when it comes to chocolate drizzles, and neither should you when you order a dessert feast from them.

We Recommend: Cookie Cream Waffle, Naughty Hot Fudge Sundae, Nutty Brownie Parfait

Mousse Truck, Multiple Outlets

A good mousse is hard to find. Some are runny, some bland or grainy, and some just feel weird. But Mousse truck has aced the art of mousse making. They’ve served decadence, indulgence and pure happiness in their boxes of mousse. They also have fresh chip cookies and a gluten free option too.

We Recommend: Dark Chocolate mousse with Sea salt, Thandai Mousse, Gluten free double chocolate chip cookie.

Hugs and Mugs, Khargar

Hugs and Mugs has been our go-to for quick bites, until we discovered their dessert collection. From staple pancakes and waffles to mousses, slice cakes, decadent brownies and pastries, they’ve won our hearts.

We Recommend: 22 Layer Chocolate Coffee, Berry Blast Waffle, Walnut Brownie

Shahi Darbar, Multiple Outlets

Open till 3 am, Shahi Durbar has been a family favourite for their kulfies, faloodas, stick ice-creams and fresh fruit with cream options. They also have different, interesting dishes such as Crème caramel, Matka Rabri, Rabri Malpua and Shahi Tukda. They also win in the department of milkshakes and smoothies; we would definitely recommend this one for when the entire family comes over.

We Recommend: Custard Apple Smoothie, Strawberry Blossom, Chocolate Mastani Milkshake, Butterscotch Milkshake, Kesar Jalebi with Rabri, Firni Malai

Healthy Treats, Bandra

Binge eating feels great while in the act, but some of us later tend to count the calories. Healthy Treats provides options which will make you feel great even after the binge eating session is over. From healthy jars, keto cakes and muffins, biscotti, granola bars, healthy brownies and doughnuts, party desserts and more, they’ve made life a bit easier for us. A lot of their desserts are sugar free and they deliver in south Bombay as well.

We Recommend: Coconut Keto Cookies, Whole wheat orange and dark chocolate cake, dark chocolate mousse, keto cheesecake, whole wheat date and carrot with mixed nuts muffin.

Theobroma, Multiple Outlets

This list would be incomplete without this beloved dessert joint. Known for, well everything they serve (in those cute boxes), Theobroma is a classic favourite.

We Recommend: Classic brownie, hot chocolate, macaroons, red velvet cake

P.S.: Heat up their brownies just a little bit to get the perfect texture and bite.

Huber & Holly, Multiple Outlets

A quintessential dessert parlour located in parts of the city, Huber & Holly is a must try. They have a range of ice cream cakes and pastries, family packs (for when the guests come over), tornado shakes and interesting options for ice-creams.

We Recommend: Amarena Cheesecake ice-cream, Hazelnut Mudslide ice-cream, All fudged Up milkshake, blondie ice-cream, cookie monster ice-cream creation.

Whatta waffles, Multiple Outlets

We especially recommend Whatta Waffles waffles’ because they aren’t that heavy, or too sweet and always come with a complimentary cup of whipped cream. They also have mini pancakes, shakes, waffle pops, puffles and waffwich (a waffle sandwich).

We Recommend: Original Snickers Shake, The billionaire waffwich, honey butter waffwich, dark knight waffles, the big shot puffle and the Swiss choco almond waffle pop.