Write More, Text Less: This Stationery-Only Website Sells Harry Potter & Marvel Diaries

    What Makes It Awesome

    Stationery lovers, are you listening? We found a website that has diaries, journals and pens that will inspire you to take up writing as a profession. Chapter & Ink is a website that is all about stationery and stocks stationery brands from all over the world. What do we recommend? They've got a wide collection of greeting cards, notebooks, writing sets, desk tools, and more.

    You’ll find everything from day planners that put the ‘fun’ in functional, pencils with an attitude, and stylish pens for the writer in you. The collection is versatile and a stand out is their Harry Potter Collection & the Marvel Collection. If you love art prints, enamel pins and notebooks, you'll find plenty here. Prices are on the steeper side: Avengers Stealth Notebook, Black Panther Enamel Pin, Portraits (Black Widow, Hulk, Captain America, Hawk Eye and more). 

    Love writing letters? You'll be amazed by their writing set. This set includes some really good quality papers including 25 writing papers and 25 chic envelopes. A perfect gift to a friend who loves writing. This comes nicely packed in an elegant looking box. 

    Special occasion coming up? They've got some really cool greeting cards with amazing/sassy/funny quotes, graphic and soft hues. 

    You can shop for their collection online. Delivery may be impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic so do check before placing an order.


    Spending time on this website is enough to make anyone with an affinity for stationery to loosen their purse strings. Choose wisely, friend and choose well.