Chai Masala, Recheado And Garam: Online Stores That Stock Regional Masalas


    Love experimenting with different flavours in the kitchen? Then, this is just for you! Indian cuisine is made up of countless culinary traditions that differ from region to region. And each of them comes with their own ingredients and homegrown spices that make them stand out.

    While these spice mixes were previously out of reach and rare to come by, online shopping has now made it possible to snap these up in minutes. From Goan and Coorgi to Punjabi, Dilli, and the North East, LBB tells you where you can source masalas from around India. Spice up your life, folks!

    Goosebumps Pickles



    Mumbai-based Goosebumps Pickles gives you jars of masalas (and pickles) that are packed with love by a team of mothers. Thus, taste and quality is their top priority. To ensure every package is delivered with mommy's goodness, there's a big 'no-no' to preservatives and machines. From the staple South Indian flavours like rasam masala to Gujarati pickles like chunda - everything in Goosebumps Pickles is 100% hand-made and vegetarian. They're pretty innovative too. Of late, they've added a number of new products like their range of Assorted Masala Fruits like masala cranberries, strawberries, cherry tomatoes, amla, kiwi etc.

    Good For: Homemade Pickles and Masala Fruits

    Price: INR 180 upwards

    Delight Foods

    From dry snacks to papads and from curated jams to healthy bars - Delight Foods makes all of this just one click away. Well, they have an entire section dedicated to masalas and mixes which includes an endless list of spices from around the world.  

    Prepare to be spoilt for choice! Kutchi Chaas Masala, Recheado Masala paste, Mango chutney, Goan Curry Masala, Goda (a Maharashtrian speciality), and even Jain Maggi Masala - they have it all.

    Good For: Wide range of regional masalas like Coorg Curry Masala, Sambhar Powder, and Goa Curry Masala

    Price: INR 130 upwards for masalas


    Buy Natural, Organic, Preservative Free Pickles & Chutney at low price in India- - India's largest online shop for organic and natural products

    With plenty of herbal and organic offerings, how could we possibly resist a website dedicated to North East specials? Besides the regular masalas, they line up a lot of unusual, whole spice powders that should add new flavours to your cooking. You can snap up packets of Garlic Root and Bulb Powders as well as powdered Anishi Leaves (colocasia leaves), which is a key ingredient in North Eastern cooking. They also offer a variety of specials like black rice, bamboo shoot and ethnic pickles. 

    Good For: Eco-friendly, organic, natural products & North Eastern spices and ingredients

    Price: INR 55 upwards

    Tit-Bit Spices

    Producing spices for more than three decades, Tit-Bit is known for their growing demand, not just India but globally. Their spices, mouth freshers and mixes are increasingly making appearances in a range of countries like the US, Canada, Japan, Australia, South Africa etc. From regional spices and powders like cloves, tea masala,  mukhwas to international flavours like the Manchurian mix, hot n sour mix, schezwan miz etc - they cater to almost every taste bud. 

    Good For: Expansive range of ready-to-use spices and masalas like Sandwich Masala, Misal Masala, Dabeli Masala, Veg Kadhai and more. They also have Jain spice blends.

    Price: INR 250 for a pack of 4

    Salz & Aroma

     Salz & aroma - shop at best prices online | lbb

    Salz & aroma - shop at best prices online | lbb

    What we call the essentials of an Indian "masala dabba" is what online brand Salz & Aroma stock up on. From their range of organic spices you will find Indian kitchen staples like fenugreek seeds, turmeric powder, red chilli powder, amchur, cumin, black salt, cloves, anardana powder, saunf, and cardamom. No chemicals or dyes, these spices are a 100% natural which means all your curries will only look, taste and smell fantastic!

    Good For: 100% natural spice-blends like arrow root powder, amchur, anardana, cloves and more

    Price: INR 255 upwards

    The Spicery

     The spicery - shop at best prices online | lbb

    The spicery - shop at best prices online | lbb

    For those of you who love all things organic, The Spicery available on LBB is paradise. You can take home high-quality masala powders, like organic turmeric for some haldi milk, perhaps or dried ginger powder to enhance the flavours of a marinade. You can also pep up your curries with the all-spice and curry powder blends. All their spice mixes are made in small batches and from naturally-grown ingredients. We have tried the Saffron Chai Masala and trust us, it is like a hug in a mug. Best part about The Spicery is, even, though itsy organic, the prices remain humble. 

    Good For: Small batch spices like Powdered Moringa, Lakadong Turmeric from local farmers 

    Price: INR 160 upwards

    Green Sense

     Green sense

    Green sense

    There's much to like about Green Sense. Not only do they make it difficult for us to choose from their range of masalas from across the country, they also have beverage spice mixes. We're talking, Turmeric and Cinnamon Latte Mixes for you to enjoy at home. If you're more of a traditionalist, get their Chai Masala. We hear their North Indian spice blends are heavenly. So if you're throwing a North Indian feast, make sure you have Dal Tadka, Chicken Tandoori and Biryani on the menu. 

    Good For: Organic spice blends like Organic Dal Tadka Masala, Organic Tandoori Masala, and Indian Curry Powder

    Price: INR 195 upwards for spice blends

    Masala Tokri

     Masala tokri

    Masala tokri

    Masala Tokri is making life so much more easier with it's handmade premium spice blends. Their knowledge on spice mixes from across different regions in the country will cut your work by half in the kitchen and also get you experimenting.  Extensive research has gone into perfecting the taste of each masala (yay!), using all organic ingredients freshly pounded in their own 'masala chakkis'. Shop On LBB to get your hands on Awadhi Biryani Masala, Malvani Curry Masala, Kerala Spicy Sambar Masala, Mumbai Pav Bhaji Masala and also Shahi Garam Masala.

    Good For: Handcrafted spice mixes featuring regional flavour like Kerala Sambhar Masala, and Awadhi Biryani Masala 

    Price: INR 140 upwards for spice blends

    The Indian Queen

     The indian queen

    The indian queen

    For masalas that are homemade and preservative-free, The Indian Queen is a great option. They source their ingredients from local farmers so you can expect fresh, aromatic blends that will hit the mark. Apart from the ubiquitous garam and sambar masalas, they also have Kebab and Pickle Masalas. We also hear that the brand's Buni Ki Masala that had peppercorns is an excellent alternative to chaat masala and is their speciality.

    Good For:  Fresh hand-blended and aromatic masalas

    Price: INR 200 upwards for spice blends


     Orika - shop at best prices online | lbb

    Orika - shop at best prices online | lbb

    With ingredients picked from around the world, Orika has got some of the freshest spices available to you with no artificial ingredients. They have got such a great variety that it will enhance the flavour of your particular dish in no time (trust us!). While we hear that their Hyderabadi Biryani Seasoning is top-notch, you should also try their Italian seasoning and Amritsari Marinade. The best part is that you could shop all of these from LBB with zero hassle so, go!

    Good For: Seasonings and marinades

    Price: INR 60 upwards


    With products made without any fillers or chemicals, we love Ammiji's for a variety of reasons. They bring age-old techniques and recipes into the picture that definitely make their products irresistible to buy. Their Andhra Mango Pickle and Mix Veg Pickle are certainly must-haves but we also recommend you try their Chai Masala and Garam Masala Blend - you might end up thanking us later.

    Good For: Pickles and blends

    Price: INR 199 upwards

    Keya KEYA: KEYA

    There's no doubt when it comes to depending on masalas and seasonings from Keya. They have got such a wide variety and the best thing is that they have something to suit every taste. You could try their Delhi Butter Chicken Masala, Mughlai Chicken Biryani Masala, and Coastal Fish Fry Masala. Oh, and from their seasonings, do not forget to order their Oregano and Basil (super good!).

    Good For: Masalas and seasonings

    Price: INR 80 upwards