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Only Got Five Minutes? YouTube Videos For A Quick, Fun & Effective Workout

    Not working out is an excuse no longer when it’s only 5 minutes long and on your phone. These quick fun workouts range from yoga to dances to your favourite pop songs {no it isn’t too late to say sorry} and even pilates.

    Nobody said it’ll be easy – but at the same time, it’ll be over before you know it. Let’s get started.

    Dance Fitness With Jessica

    Hands down, because this is our favourite workout off the list already {it’s to Sorry by Justin Bieber}. On this Youtube channel, Dance Fitness With Jessica, Jessica obviously shows us bouncy, energetic dance routines {which are really exercises cloaked in disguise} in under five minutes. It is a recording of a class she takes, so you have company too, and the moves are as good as any. We’re dancing already. Are you?


    This video showcased by truly toned bodies will leave you panting. Once you get past the initial awe and intimidation, look beyond to see that the cardio exercises are easy to follow and don’t require any equipment. They will focus on the hip and thigh most, and done every day {just 5 minutes} will show effective results.


    Rightly called Fat Attack – this video by Youtube channel Blogilates is an intense cardio workout to keep the fat burning and heart thumping. It might kill you but the trainer is so enthusiastic that it might actually begin to look like fun.

    Live Strong Woman

    A 5-minute yoga session is unheard of, but following this 5-minute video will set you for the day. It focuses mostly on your core. Try this if you have been working out for a while. Level: hard. So hard.

    Saskia's Dansschool

    If you like busting a move to your favourite songs more than counting unbearably till 30 in your head, you should take up one of these dance workouts. In this video, three instructors teach you a fun workout focusing on legs, butt and hips to the tune of a Fifth Harmony track. You won’t know where the time went, and when the workout happened. Worth it? We think so.