Open & Eat: Hummsafar’s 100% Natural & Vegetarian Meals Are Just What You Need

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What Makes It Awesome

Cooking can be a task when you're living alone or traveling on work. More often than not, these processed and packaged meals can be unhealthy for you. However, we found you a #Hummsafar4life. There's a homegrown brand that goes by the name of Hummsafar and makes ready-to-eat meal boxes that are packed with love and care, and have no preservatives, artificial flavors or additives whatsoever. Too good to be true? Read on. 

This Indian brand understands how difficult it is for you to whip up food after a hectic workday, and comes to your rescue with its ready-to-eat Dal Makhani, Delhi Ke Chhole with Jeera Rice, Methi Thepla with Aloo Bhaji, and Punjab De Rajma with Jeera Rice. Their food makes you miss your mum a little less, and you won't even feel the guilt of having rich food or eating out because none of their recipes have preservatives. They're all homely meals cooked using fresh ingredients and have a shelf life of six months. 

So instead of ordering from a restaurant and waiting a fair bit to get your food delivered, get your ready-to-eat meals from Hummsafar. The meal boxes start at INR 105 only, which we think is quite reasonable. 


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