A Tree House, Garden & More: This Villa Is Just What You Need For The Perfect Holiday

Orchid Villa


In this day and age, a perfect holiday includes staying connected to the outside world, but at Orchid Villa in Alibaug, all you have is a luxuriously large villa that’s tastefully done up, a huge garden space, a tree house and a gazebo that’s surrounded by flowers.

What Makes It Awesome

When you enter the villa, it reminds you of a Swiss cabin up in the hills with the furnishing done up in woodwork and the roof reminding you of a chalet. The villa has three bedrooms and even a game area where you can play indoor games. 

There’s a long passageway that leads you to the garden, where you’ll find a swing in the shade and a hammock just outside. 

You’ll be happy to know that there’s even a tree house of sorts where you can grab your favourite book and relax for hours (you get a full view of the property). 

There’s a supermarket that’s just a minutes’ walk away from the villa, restaurants that are within the 5 km radius, the Arabian Sea, which is just 1 km away and even a fully equipped kitchen where you can make your own meals.


While the prices fluctuate as per the booking dates, the price for 6 people per night is INR 20,000 approximately. But, with the peace and quiet you get in the bargain, not to mention a smashing location close to the sea and the main market, it’s worth every single bit.

Orchid Villa