Bagel & Cream Cheese: Here's Presenting A Batch Made In Heaven

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What Makes It Awesome

Some call it a doughnut without sin. For some, this hearty snack is an escape for a bad day. And then for people like me, we just need an excuse to get our hands on this match made in heaven. Yep. I'm talking about the bagel and cream cheese. Over the last few years, this bready piece of comfort has made its way to the tummies (& hearts) of many Indians. And I've found an amazing home bakery which is all about bagels and cream cheese. OMG!

Enter: The House Of Flour.

A lockdown baby, this home bakery is a product of a passion project of Avni Kudalkar. Being a cooking ninja who's always on a hunt for new recipes to try and experiment with, she decided to start her very own food venture. With one eye on her passion to bake and the other eye to do something unique, she decided to give bagels a try, as there aren't many in the city offering these. After a few trials and errors, she curated a menu which included bagels, an array of cream cheese, cheese crackers and the classic cinnamon rolls.     

You can opt for their fresh baked medium-sized bagels which come with three toppings - sesame, sunflower seed and brown sugar. These come in box of two and four. Now, we can't talk about bagel without mentioning cream cheese. They've got an array of cream chese on offer including garlic and scallion, garlic and mushroom (psst, we hear these sell like hotcakes), jalapeno and cheese (ideal as a spread for your Mexican dishes as well), pumpkin spice (if you're a fan of sweet and spicy) and cajun chicken. All of these double as spreads for your sanwitches, salads or crackers as well. These are sold in two sizes including 100 grams and 200 grams. If you can munch endlessly (like me), their cheese crackers is something that you need to call for now. And this one is an old family recipe. Expect mini cheese flavoured crackers which again can be paired with her spreads or your binge-watch sesh. 

Ending it with their best selling and most ordered item from the menu - Cinnamon rolls. Handcrafted with love and drool-worthy cream cheese frosting and cinnamon brown sugar, these come in boxes of two and four respectively.

To place your order you can DM them on their Instagram or can reach out to them on +91 9821035205.