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Order Gourmet Portobello & Blue Cheese Or Grilled Chicken & Teriyaki Burger Here


    What Makes It Awesome

    I'm a big-time foodie. And burgers have a special place in my heart and no I'm not talking McD's (though we understand those cravings too). A good burger, made from scratch with top-notch ingredients, cooked so well that you opt for one even over the far less messy menu options on a first date, now that's what I'm talking about. And while first dates may well be virtual these days, thankfully, burgers are not!

    So no surprise to say that I was happy to find a new place that's shining the spotlight on all things burger, that too with a global twist - Bun & Only. Brainchild of Sameer Uttamsingh and Shantanu Mohite with Chef Gracian de Souza in the kitchen, this burger joint is about making us, burger loyalists, really happy. It's all about that real burger-eating experience here. You know when the bun to filling ratio is just right, when the sauces are made in-house, and when the produce that goes into your burger is for the most part #locallysourced, you've pretty much got a recipe for happiness right there.

    Wondering what to order? If you love the salty earthiness of blue cheese and mushroom, there's The Portobello & Blue Cheese Burger. And if all things slow-cooked and pork make you happy, then the Pulled Pork & Barbecue Burger is definitely a frontrunner. Like playing it safe, then you've got classics like Classic Chicken & Cheddar and Lamb and Mint and gourmet options like Black Bean & Guacamole and Camembert & Apple too. We like that each burger comes with a portion of fries and in-house ketchup.

    Shell Out: Expect to shell out between INR 350 to INR 500 per meal.


    Want to end on a sweet note? We suggest ordering their Burnt Basque Classic Cheese Cake. You can order on Swiggy & Zomato