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This Analyst Turned Artist Is Here To Add Some Drama To Your Home

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Kefi Kaari

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What Makes It Awesome

Let your home do the talking. Childhood memories, funny moments or quirky quotes. There's so much we can experiment with to add more personality to our homes. Preksha Singh, an analyst turned artist, would surely agree with me. A DIY enthusiast and decor junkie herself, Singh left her corporate job to follow her passion - art and decor. In March 2020, she founded KefiKaari, an online store which specialises in home decor, quirky knick-knack and is a haven for customised or personalised items. Before I give you a sneak-peek into her collection, the name - KefiKaari - quite caught my attention. Kefi, a Greek word means, the spirit of joy and happiness. And Kaari comes from the word Kalakaari, which means artwork. Hence, the name KefiKaari. 

Now, my favourite part. Her pretty and amazing collection. From funky illustrations on frames to handpainted wooden logs and from stunning ceramic plates to decor knick-knacks - she does it all. Whether you want to convey a story through her artwork or simply want a bunch of frames with inspirational quotes, just share your ideas and she'll make sure your idea is translated into a physical piece of art. Most of her products are customised, but you can scan through her Instagram for references. And not just for your space, her personalised artwork is also a great option for gifting. Think giving a customised wooden artwork to a couple getting married, something cool for your pet-loving sibling or a bunch of magnets for your chai-o-holic friend. 

The prices range based on the level of customisation and type of artwork. However, the starting range of her collection in INR 150. You can also get in touch with her via WhatsApp on  +91 9930896132.