Forget Wine Cellars! We're Getting High On Desserts From This Cocoa Cellar!

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What Makes It Awesome

Boozy treats and alcohol-infused desserts have been quite the raging trend for the past decade. From 5-star hotels to global chefs, everyone's jumping on this bandwagon because what's better than clubbing both our obsessions - sinful desserts and alcohol. And if you're reading this you probably want to bookmark the city's newest entrant into alcohol-infused desserts - Cocoa Cellar. Founder chef and passionate baker, Devashree Muni offers a well-curated menu that's a mix of both American and European desserts. 

Their menu is divided into cupcakes, cakes, loaf cakes, rochers, truffles and cookies. The chef recommends the Sacher Torte (an Austrian classic with a dense chocolate sponge layered with apricot jam and soaked in “Kirsch” cherry liquor),  Cocoa Misu (classic tiramisu laced with espresso and a generous shot of baileys), Liquor truffles (chocolates that's filled with boozy ganache and coated with tempered chocolate). 

Their bestsellers include Cocoa Misu, Liquor truffles, almond rochers and coffee walnut loaf cake. Her well-packaged goodies and treats make excellent gift hampers for Diwali, festive season and special occasions. Although slightly on a higher-end, these sinful treats are worth a little splurge.