Panki, Fada Ni Khichdi & More: Will We Ever Get Over Swati Snacks?


    What Makes It Awesome

    Swati Snacks. Whether you're a Gijju or no, a foodie or not - every Mumbaikar has surely paid a visit to this iconic joint. If you've ever passed the Tardeo neighbourhood on a Sunday, a flock of eager foodies waiting for turn, kinda makes it easy to spot this vegetarian family restaurant. Since it's launch in 1963, this joint has been attracting people not just from the city, but also tourists. If you've got friends and family visiting Mumbai, Swati Snacks surely makes it to the top of their 'things to do in Mumbai' list.

    Swati Snacks is also go-to for big fat family gatherings. In fact, most kids in South Mumbai (like me) grew up with a Sunday lunch at this iconic joint. 

    So, what makes this place so special? Their unbeatable taste when it comes to Gujarati cuisine and well-maintained quality for decades and a super homely vibe are the few reasons why we keep going back to Swati Snacks. Again, and again! Enter the restaurant and you'll be welcomed by minimal metal finish seating, their iconic yellow plates and courteous staff. And yes, if it's a Sunday, you might be greeted by a noisy ambience! 

    Now, coming to their lip-smacking dishes. While this joint started off with just chaat items and hand-churned ice-cream (yep!), over the years, their menu has seen quite and innovate overhaul. But, of course, sticking to their roots of traditional cuisine and flavours. Their specialities are panki chatni, fada khichdi, cheese masala pav bhaji, dal dhokli and falafel. So, if you're ordering or heading to place your order, make sure these make it to your list. 

    Both the Mumbai outlets are open for online deliveries and takeaways from the outlets.