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Life Is Good: Get Gourmet Ingredients To Spice Up Your Quarantine Dinner

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What Is It?

We found Sprig – an online gourmet store that’s selling pure happiness derived from good food. Gourmets always tend to be fancy and what spruced our interest was their connoisseur baking range (for all the budding bakers out there, listen up).

Starting at INR 150, they have great food colouring, spices and natural extracts which will elevate your dishes to the next level. They also have gourmet spices and honey, cooking pastes and so many undiscovered flavours that will leave you in awe.

Your breakfast worries are sorted with their sweet spreads (INR 399 onwards) as you can have it with a slice of warm buttered toast. You can also top it over a cake or a fruit salad, fill in pies, flans and crepes, drizzle over ice cream, puddings and custards or just open the jar and tuck in with a big spoon. The website describes its usage and purpose quite clearly and we believe them for we don’t doubt those who provide us with desserts. Not to mention, their Jar of Joy (INR 449) consisting of peanut butter and chocolate is just too good to handle.

Great for those who like to have their breakfast on the go or don’t have the time to whip up an omelette in the morning, the spreads are recommended. 


You can also check out their recipes and become a self-anointed chef during this quarantine. They are delivering in all pincodes serviceable by delivery partners. Happy cooking to you!

Available Online