Celery Juice, Lettuce Or Vegan Cake: Get Exotic Veggies & Groceries Delivered To Your Home

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What Makes It Awesome

Miss those salads with exotic dressing or the classic avocado on toast? Well, your problems are about to end. We've found an online grocery called Yo Deli which is delivering our favourite veggies, artisanal bread, healthy smoothies, celery juice, vegan cake and a lot more. 

Woohoo! We couldn't be happier. They're also offering The Protector Food Pack which includes multiple fruits like kiwi, sweet lime, pear, musk melon, grapefruit, apple (red and green) etc. If fruits are bae, this is what you need to add to your cart. Likewise, they've got a pack for herbs and veggies too called the Superheroes Veggies & Herbs. This includes spinach, cocktail capsicum, tomato, kale, lettuce, rosemary, parsley and more. Both of these come at INR 950 and upwards. 

Apart from this, you can also order their oatmeal loaf, healthy smoothies, juices, eggs and more. 

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