Creamy Dips To Fiery Sauces: All That Dips For Your Late Night Hunger Pangs

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What Makes It Awesome

Whether's you've got veggies, chips or even khakras -  dips and sauces can make the most boring food full of flavour and an enjoyable snack. All That Dips is one such amazing local brand which offers an array of healthy dips, yoghurt and sauces online, all catering to different kinds of tastebuds.

Their line of sauces called Bechef is simply awesome! Curated to add that restaurant-style kick to your dishes, you can pick from an array of 15 different sauces made using centuries-old recipes from across the world. We're talking Piri Piri, Harissa, Kung Pao, Mexican Hot, Tahini, Arrabitata, American Barbeque, Schezwan Sauce, Burnt Garlic Sauce and more. Add them to your salad dressings and gravies, use them as spreads or mix them into your dips and watch your dishes go from bleh to bomb in a wink! You can shop them off Amazon or check them out here on LBB Shop as well. 

All That Dips' signature dips include honey mustard aioli, chipotle adobo style creamy dip, Sichuan spicy cheese dip and stir fry. Now, if you're the kind of person who's always enjoyed a bit of a salsa sauce in your dishes, they've got a bunch of those as well. You can choose from their peri peri, picante salsa or cheese salsa. They've got keto-friendly hummus too! Price for their dips starts from INR 175 and sauces from INR 150. 

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