Satiate Your Chinese Cravings With This Food In A Box Delivery Joint

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What Makes It Awesome

Known for their authentic Chinese spices and tasty noodles, you cannot go wrong while ordering from Meraki. They have great fast food options in Thai food, Burmese, sea food and other Asian delicacies.

Satiate those schezwan cravings with their veg Sichuan Fried Rice or have it with an egg topping. You could also go for their paneer chilly (crispy or soft), kung paos, or try something different, such as their Paneer Sesame Korean starter which is a good balance of sweet and savory.

They also have a variety of non-vegetarian options (all upholding safety standards). Try the good ol’ crispy chicken or perhaps something fancy, like chicken chilli with a honey glaze. If you want to cuddle up into a ball of cozy, order in their soups, the chicken pepper soup is very soothing and heart-warming! They also have different gravies for you to pair with your fried rice. all in all, it makes for the perfect Chinese takeout.

They are also upholding the utmost hygiene standards and making sure that the food is safe and delicious with every order. You can also opt for contact less delivery and take an in depth look into their safety measures from wherever you order online.


Call in your nearest delivery joint before ordering as they might be unavailable due to the COVID-19 lockdown.