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Pitter-Patter, Here's What Matters This Monsoon: Chai, Noods, Momos & More!

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When it comes to monsoons, there are almost always two kinds of people. One who love the rains. And the other group, who well, hate it to the core and enjoy the downpour as long as they're indoors. I belong to the second set. And if you're one of 'em, we sure know how to enjoy this weather to the fullest indoors by creating a cosy little cocoon, curling up in a blanket and gorging on our favourite comfort food/beverage.

Here's a checklist of comfort stuff to stock up on before the monsoons sets in full swing.       

Marshmallow + Hot Chocolate

Hot Chocolate - Marshmallow - 140 gm

Hot Chocolate - Marshmallow - 140 gm


Ahhhh! Nothing beats this! Monsoon nights + a good book + blanket + a cup of hot chocolate. And there, you've found some quality me-time. And if you're a sucker for hot chocolate like me, I'd like to introduce you guys to a cool brand I've just discovered. Called Sarah's Cocoa, this lockdown baby offers an array of hot chocolate options including cinnamon, dark chocolate, coffee and more. But the flavour which steals the show is her marshmallow hot chocolate. 

So, order in a jar of this goodness and we promise your monsoon will be 10x cosier. 

Oh, you'll find more hot chocolate options here too!

Instant Noodles

Super Noodles - King Kung Pao (207gm)

Super Noodles - King Kung Pao (207gm)


Okay, this monsoon we're giving you a healthy (and maybe a yummier) upgrade from the usual Maggi! Made with the goodness of millets, this pack of super noodles is sure to satisfy your monsoon cravings for a hot instant snack. Ready in just 10 minutes, the noodles comes in two flavours - King Kung Pao and Tangy Tomato. I'd recommend the former!   

Also, do give a healthy upgrade to your pantry with these maida-free pasta and noodle options

Masala Chai

Pack of 2 Bombay Cutting Masala Instant Tea- 280gm

Pack of 2 Bombay Cutting Masala Instant Tea- 280gm


Masala chai in rains is an emotion! No matter how cliché it sounds, but every tea toddler reading this will know exactly what I'm talking about. Oh and dip a Parle-G, and there you've reached the peak of cosiness and an epitome of satisfaction. Having stayed in Mumbai for more than two decades now, I can promise the magic Bombay's cutting chai can create. And #tip make it extra kadak to enjoy it to the max! 

While you can't get the same thela wali chai online, but Chaika is the closest by far in delivering that!  Our friend from the South thinks the same! Watch it here

Manchow Soup

Instant Manchow High Fiber Soup Mix (Low Fat) -10 Servings - 200g

Instant Manchow High Fiber Soup Mix (Low Fat) -10 Servings - 200g


If you're a soup person, you too know that a bowl of soup during both monsoons and winters is oh-so-comforting. A perfect mix of healthy and tasty, this high-fibre and ready to eat soup is during a rainy evening or night is truly a blessing. Well, while Manchow is our go-to, you can also opt for tomato and lemon coriander too!

Ah, and if you're looking to stock up on more such soup sachets, these brands should be on your list!    

Gulab Jamun

Organic Gulab Jamun - 300 grams (Pack of 02)

Organic Gulab Jamun - 300 grams (Pack of 02)


Not everyone's a fan of this, but hey, it does deserve a mention! Because garam garam gulab jamun can melt anyone's heart! Order in a can of these mouth-watering pieces of heaven and all you've got to do is heat it and eat it. And for those who're not aware, this dessert comes straight from the popular dhaba Norfest!  

Oh, and apparently you can even make gulab jamun ice cream from this!  

Masala Khichdi

Masala Khichadi Kit with Tadka Masala (250gm)

Masala Khichadi Kit with Tadka Masala (250gm)


Nope. I don't associate this comfort food with bimaar logo ka khana! The good old khichdi never fails to win hearts in every Indian household. While today, this dish has seen an array of cool avatars and fusion recipes, the humble dal khichdi with a handful spoon of ghee and that perfect tadka has always been a fave! Considering it's monsoons and you're too comfortable to get off that bed, we're introducing you to El The Cook's ready to eat khichdi. And all it takes is 15 minutes to cook this bowl of comfort.  

Steaming Momos

There's no way we're talking about comfort food and we don't talk about momos. Of course, you can always order in a plate of this heart-warming dish, but you know what? It's double the fun when you make it at home. No no, we're not putting you through that effort of prepping, chopping and all. White Light Food specializes in momo and sushi DIY kits - which means you've just got to assemble it all and ta da! Enjoy your favourite dish at home!