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Pizza, Wasabi Or Chocolate: Up Your Chakna Game With These Flavoured Peanuts!


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    What Makes It Awesome

    Lets accept it. Whether you're in a fancy bar or a shady one, one thing that's common is peanuts! Or even other wise, peanuts is one of my favourite snack when I'm not necessarily hungry, but just in a mood to munch. And you know what's better than peanuts? Flavoured ones. 

    And if you're yet reading this and don't think that I'm crazy, then I've found something we both will love. Avean Food is an online brand which only does flavoured peanuts. I mean...WOW! And they've got some really unique flavours. While they've got the classic ones, their flavoured ones include butter scotch, almond, choco hazelnut, chili surprise, pizza (crying), honey roasted, salsa, corn, sweet-spicy, wasabi and Oriental. The pricing of their products starts from INR 200 and upwards.

    While you can scan through their products on their website, you can purchase the same on Amazon. 

      Featured Products