Forget Aam Or Nimbu! This Assamese Brand Is Making Unique Pickles We Love

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What Makes It Awesome

When we think about Assam, tea is often the first thing that comes to our mind. However, this time we're not talking about tea. We've stumbled upon a tiny homegrown brand in Assam which is whipping up some amazing and flavourful pickles. Currently, they're offering only 4 flavours but they're all unique and go beyond the usual lemon, mango or prawns. The flavours you can opt for are Jolphai, Khorisa, Bogori & Bhut Jolokia. 

Yep. to be honest, we didn't know some of them either! But, we'll tell you now. Jolphai is a mix of Indian olives with jaggery and homemade spices. Bogori includes a flavourful mix of jujube berries with jaggery and spices. Khorisa, this one's interesting, is a blend of bamboo shoot, mustard oil, chilli and homemade spices. Bhut Jolokia is a special blend of chilli and mustard oil. Apt for you if you love spicy food.

The process starts with picking the local ingredients from the farms, processing them, adding regional flavours and voila - you've got these amazing pickles packed with love in glass jars. 

The starting price of these is INR 160 and upwards.