This Brand Is Bringing Our Favourite Snacks From South India To Our Doorstep

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Petti Kadai

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What Makes It Awesome

Let's understand the name of the brand first. It's called Petti Kadai, a Tamil word which is synonymous to tiny stores at the corner of each street. As children, we've all had that one store in our locality we've been going to for our munchies, chocolates etc. For me, it's the Chedda snack store in Mumbai.  

This brand was kickstarted by the good folk in Tamil Nadu to digitise and spread the reach of these tiny stores across India. So, expect lots and lots of regional snacks with the authentic Tamil Nadu taste. Their native town special includes numerous snacks like Mullu Muruku, Thattai, Seepu Seedaii, Kai Muruku, Athirasam and lots more. While the names can sound intimidating, we're sure you've tasted these in some form or the other. You can get your hands on a few sweets as well. Again some names might not be familiar but all of these are yummy, nonetheless. Go for their Nei Laddu, Mysore pak, karupatti halwa, Muscoth halwa etc. 

Their pricing starts from INR 150 and upwards (depending on the snack/sweet you choose)


They've got a tiny collection for organic honey and all-natural soaps as well. Might wanna check that out too!