Superfood For Super People! Say Hello To This Organic Brand

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What Makes It Awesome

A mission to offer 100% organic produce to the world has brought together an entire community of business leaders, entrepreneurs, agricultural researchers and farmers. And we're stoked! True Farm Foods was kickstarted with the aim to provide the highest quality organic food by clubbing together nutrition, agriculture and science. And I'd say this brand and its products need to make a way to your pantry, folks!

Their collection includes superfood, flours, pulses and spices, sweeteners, rice and dairy. Switch out most of those daily ingredients you use in your kitchen with these organic and better alternatives. For example, switch your usual rice with their red or black rice. Switch your regular white poha with their organic red poha.  Fan of superfood? Grab their packets of chia seeds, rolled oats, red quinoa and more. 

From rotis to parathas or naan, flour is something that's used on a daily basis in Indian household. Bring home their healthy and organic flour options including organic bajra, ragi, wholegrain wheat, protein plus flour, jowar and even organic besan. Wow! This is already making me feel so healthy. And if you're looking for a full-fledge ration overhaul, they've got organic pulses as well including moong, kabuli chana, too dal, masoor dal and more. 

And, brownie points for sustainable packaging and using only 100% recyclable plastic. 

Their products start from INR 60 and upwards. (It's a super budget-friendly e-store, guys!). You can shop for their products online from Foodhall, Nature's Basket, Reliance Smart, Big Basket and Amazon as well. 


They've also got a cool recipe page on their website which shows you different ways of using these ingredients and produces. So, do check that out as well.