Get Yoga Accessories, Organic Perfumes & Home Decor On This Zen Website

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    What Makes It Awesome

    If you’re looking to live the yoga lifestyle, look no further than Isha Shoppe, a go-to website for yoga accessories and even furniture.

    Isha Shoppe is a haven for those who prefer their honey to be non-processed and clothes to be eclectic. They have everything from herbal health drinks (INR 150) to skincare products that don’t contain chemicals. There’s also yoga accessories (starting INR 50), apparel (starting INR 725) and jewellery as well.

    If you’ve been living and eating clean and don’t want to give in to commercialism, Isha Shoppe seems like a good choice. In case you like to meditate, it also has a wide range of incense options to zone out to. Maybe burn some camphor while doing some surya namaskars?

    Home decor lovers, they also have a great collection of decor and accessories for your home if you’re looking to turn it into peaceful zen space.


    We love that the prices are not obnoxious and are relatively affordable if you're trying to switch to a more holistic lifestyle.

      Available Online