Goodbye, Chemicals: 7 Brands To Buy Organic Colours From

If you’re excited to play Holi as much as we are, then we suggest that you opt for organic colours as they’re eco-friendly, cause less trouble to the skin and eyes, and won’t even harm animals, who are some of the biggest victims of colour toxicity during the festival of colours. Read on. 

AMA Herbal Laboratories

It’s an Indian company that focuses only on organic colours. Herbal Gulal is a blend of organic and natural extracts of fruits, leaves, and barks with a fusion of flowers and herbs (they smell pretty good) You get packets that are 70 gm, 100 gm, 5 kg bags, 25 kg drums and 50 kg drums and the varieties include glow powders, liquid pastes, neon powders and the herbal gulal range of colours.

Price: On Request

Organic India

Organic India sells herbal gulal packs of four with a focus on four colours, namely red, pink, green and yellow with cornstarch powder used as the main ingredient. They promise that their colours are safe for everyone, and that the organic colors do not cause any skin infections, hurt your eyes, and even smell great (can’t wait to pick up our pack) 

Price: INR 160 for a pack of four

Satavic Farms

Satavic Farms began working and experimenting with natural Holi colours in 2008 and since 2010, their colours have been sold through schools and many other institutions. Boasting of being 100% natural, the products are made using herbal Holi gulal made using herbs, flowers, edible materials, organic turmeric, fruit and vegetable extracts. They promise that their colours have no artificial colouring, that they are non-toxic, skin-friendly, lab tested and even eco-friendly. 

Price: INR 390 for 1KG

Lustrous Herbal Gulal

Apart from all the other benefits, this product claims to be easy to clean and wash. And what’s more, the particles float less in the air reducing air pollution. One packet contains five colours {red, green, orange, yellow, blue} of 100 grams each, and the powders are claimed to be skin-friendly and non-toxic. Place an order on Amazon. 

Price: INR 280 for a pack of 5

Vedic Poojan

Get yourself a herbal Holi kit from Vedic Poojan. The kit comprises leaves of the dry Tesu flower, originally known as the Palash flower, that's used to extract natural colors in temples of Vrindavan and Mathura. Tesu is the natural source of the saffron color to play Holi. You can also get their herbal gulal pack with a pack of five colors. 

Price: INR 320

Tota Brand

How about getting 10 packets of gulal in five unique shades this Holi? Trust Tota Brand with herbal hues and a natural fruity aroma in the colors. The gulal is biodegradable, and friendly to the skin, and it also claims to have zero plastic substance in it. 

Price: On request

Red Earth India

The hues are unadulterated, and safe to play Holi with. These 100% botanical gulaals, are made exclusively from edible materials, and scented with pure, traditional ittars. Check the site out for more. 

Price: INR 650 per KG


While there are stores and websites that sell these colours, you can also make them at home easily!