Clean Care For You And Baby Both: This Brand Does Organic Wellness For The Fam

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What Makes It Awesome

We're stepping up our skincare game these days, aren't we. And a large part of that has been in making the conscious shift towards a more healthy, organic and sustainable lifestyle. And that of course, includes beauty and skincare. Our skin is as much a part of our bodies as anything else, and even topical chemicals have a way of seeping into our systems over time. Those nasty ones don't do any of us any good, even if they are in small quantities. 

That's where Organic Affaire comes in. A project launched by three friends who came together with the same idea - to create a line of products that were free of any nasties and take care of our skin and hair as naturally as possible. The product line embodies that ethos, combining the benefits of Ayurveda with science to create formulas that go beyond the merely topical and offer benefits. Their products are handcrafted and free from parabens, sulphates, and mineral oils.

Stand outs from their range include the Boo Bubbles from their Baby Care range (INR 599) that's deeply nourishing with jojoba, almond oil and orange and lemon extracts and handcrafted and small batch. For clean hair that's not stripped of its natural character with harsh chemicals, there's Silka (INR 599) with ocimum, Vitamin E, organic aloe and organic tea tree, and their Plushy Pout tinted lip balm (INR 579) with organic rose, aloe, coconut oil, vanilla and beetroot. 

The range offers care in the form of haircare, face care, lip care and also care for your little ones in their baby care range. You can shop their products on LBB

What Could Be Better

We'd love to see some body care options added to their range of products as well


Shop their range on LBB