Bricked Walls, Indoor Pool & A Pretty Garden: Visit This Cottage In One Of The Oldest Hill Stations


    A getaway in Panchgani can never go wrong. Amazing weather, lush greenery and just a three-hour drive. Well, if you're tired of experimenting with different resorts and simple villas, we've found something just for you. 

    What Makes It Awesome

    How about a swimming pool in your living room or beside your dining table? Or a bedroom which directly opens to a lush green garden? Well, if this is your scene, we’ve found a cottage just for you. Located in Panchgani, this villa called Otonia is sure to give you classy-vintage vibes with its rustic bricked walls and dusky colours. The best part about this villa is that they have a huge indoor swimming pool in the living room which is surrounded by tons of indoor plants. 

    As it’s a spacious 3BHK villa, it’s ideal for a huge gang or a family get together. If kids too are tagging along, there’s special furniture for the little ones including bunk beds and mini furniture. Feel like cooking? You’re free to use their well-equipped kitchen and cook any cuisine you please.


    The villa is pretty close to the market area and is just a few kilometres away from the multiple popular points including Sydney point, Parsi point, Table land etc.