Confused On Colaba Causeway? A Map To The Street's Funkiest Jewellery

Colaba Causeway or Colaba Market, is hailed as one of the most iconic streets for budget shopping, with some even saying it’s Mumbai’s answer to Sarojini Nagar. But since it can be overwhelming. we decided to focus on its beautiful jewellery and find you the best ones on the street. Happy shopping.

Coin Neck Pieces

We started off from Cafe Mondegar. Fascinated by the array of silver jewellery hung around it, we went straight to the shop right in the beginning before the cafe {from where the street starts}. Here, we picked up a funky piece in silver. Our favourite thing about this, however, was the beautifully-shaped coins {very unique to this market} hung towards the bottom of the piece.

#LBBTip: Most of the shops at the market source these pieces from China, Thailand and even Sri Lanka if you like to know where your products come from.

Contact: Call Saif at +919699679834

Price: INR 350

Owl-Shaped Rings

From the same shop we also picked up these three solid owl-shaped rings. Cute, quirky and pure junk, this is what we came to Colaba Causeway market for. Remember the fad with owl everything a couple years back? We are still not over it. #sorrynotsorry

Contact: Call Saif at +919699679834

Price: INR 50 a piece

Queen's Necklace With Earrings

For the flamboyant accessory lover, this necklace plus earrings is a must-have. It’s huge, gaudy and everything that screams weddings, festivals and special occasions, and we fell in love with it immediately. The highlight of the set but of course are the coins on the neck-piece and the earrings, which are basically smaller coins fit for an earring.


Near Regal Cinema, Apollo Bandar, Colaba, Mumbai

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Dream-Catcher Pendant

Moving on immediately to the next shop, we caught hold of this gorgeous red dream catcher pendant. Yes, we love the dream catchers for our balconies and windows, but now we can have one on us {for all those sweet dreams it should capture now on}.

#LBBTip: What also caught our eye was a rad yellow jeweled pendant, so keep a watch for that as well.

Where: Vidabonita, Colaba Causeway, next to Cafe Mondegar

Contact: +917506540916

Price: Dream-catcher pendant {INR 250}, ruby pendant {INR 180}


Metro House, Next To Cafe Mondegar, Azad Nagar, Colaba, Mumbai


Leaf-Shaped Earrings

We headed to the the shop adjoining Cafe Mondegar. Here we spotted a massive chunky leaf shaped pair of silver earrings. We were immediately taken by it and knew this had to go in our ever-so increasing shopping bag. Happy and satisfied, we moved alongside the cobbled street to look for more options.

Where: Happy Store, next to Cafe Mondegar

Price: INR 250

#LBBTip: Also check out the quirky elephant print pendants in gold and silver {INR 150 a piece).


Next To Cafe Mondegar, Metro House, Apollo Bandar, Colaba, Mumbai


    Silver Coin Bracelets

    Having bought the essentials of jewelry, we deemed it fit to diversify our bag. Moving on, we got hold of two silver bracelets. Keeping the coin-everything theme in mind, we picked one with intricate work and one plain simple in the shape of coins. Perfect for accessorising with our office and even casual outfit, these bracelets were not even heavy on our pockets.

    Where: BK Tacker Shop

    Contact: +919004036242

    Price: INR 200 {for the carved bracelet}, INR 180 {Plain bracelet}

    Victorian Earrings

    Bang opposite to the previous shop is another stall. The guy here is super cheerful and will actually recommend you things based on your taste. We picked up a pair of Victorian coin earrings for the sake of old-world charm. With Queen Elizabeth’s face on it, you really do feel how South Mumbai still lives in the nostalgia of British India.

    Contact: +919967216957

    Price: INR 100

    Coin Anklets

    We couldn’t let the list end without an anklet. Since we had been stocking up on our coin-themed pieces, we decided to go for an anklet, again made out of coins. This pretty anklet is perfect for when we are in the mood of flip flops or for those beachy holidays in summer.

    Contact: +919967216957

    Price: INR 120

    Crystals For Pendants

    Last, but not the least, we ended our shopping stroll by stopping to buy the famous crystals near Leopold Cafe. Ivan Benjamin is your guy and he will explain you all about the crystals he has. Can’t find a specific stone you want? Ask him, and he’ll order for you or open his box of crystals. We picked a sober sunstone pendant, but if you’re looking to buy smaller ones or in bulk, he has them. You can also check out the crystal home decor pieces at display like the crystal tree.

    Where: Crystalite, opp. Grand Store, Colaba Causeway, opp. Bank of Baroda, Colaba

    Contact: +919969646200, +91987771120

    Price: INR 150 {Sunstone}, 57 per piece for smaller ones


    Near Leopold Cafe, Opp. Grand Store, Colaba, Mumbai



    All of the prices mentioned above are negotiable and depend completely upon your bargaining skills.