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Fresh Up! Energize & Feel Refreshed With These Portable Oxygen Canisters!

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    What Makes It Awesome

    Nothing beats breathing in fresh air, right? Unfortunately, the air we breathe is compromised by pollution and is not fresh. Infact, most of the time, we don’t even realise that we’re breathing in polluted air because somewhere we’ve forgotten what it’s like to breathe in ‘good quality air.’

    We all know the importance of oxygen in our lives! But, did you ever think that one can breathe in fresh air using portable oxygen and gain some extra benefits? We’re introducing you to Oxygize, a pioneer in ensuring that pure, rare and calibrated gases are easily accessible to one and all. Intrigued? There’s more!

    They have innovative oxygen supplement products that come in different flavors and are perfect for a healthy and active lifestyle. They also have a range of flavored oxygen canisters like stress, citrus burst & peppermint which provide the benefits of oxygen therapy and aromatherapy, in a handy fashion. 

    If you’re into extensive workouts and other physical activities, lack of oxygen can cause early fatigue and affect your performance. Oxygize oxygen canisters can easily help you improve the supply of oxygen, leading to an instant boost of energy. Oxygize’s stress oxygen canisters help protect against the ageing effects, restoring depleted oxygen levels while oxygenating the skin from within. It provides a spa-like experience (at home) providing moments of calm in the midst of the stress of daily life. 

    We suggest, make Oxygize oxygen stress a part of your morning and evening skincare routine. Infact, you can also use these when exposed to poor air quality and at times to promote relaxation. The scent of lavender is uplifting, soothing & clarifying and when inhaled can reduce stress and helps in creating a positive mood. And the zesty citrus aroma is just the perfect pick me up! 

    The package comes with an inbuilt mask that makes it easier to use for anyone, at any time and anywhere. You can carry this tiny can in your bag to get revitalized with your fresh and healthy source of oxygen, on-the-go.

      Available on LBB