Paintings, Wooden Figures & More: Explore All Things Vintage At This Store

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What Makes It Awesome?

There are certain areas in the city that boast of heritage, culture, and reek of all things vintage. One such area in town is Apollo Bandar, which is home to some of the most beautiful stores we have come across in a while, one of them being Z.N. Exporters, a home décor haven for those of us who like adding some charm to our homes and office spaces.

Diagonally across Essajees {they’re brothers}, Z.N. Exporters is another old store, with quite a few decades under its belt, and houses some truly delightful pieces of art. Right outside, you can't help but notice it, because there’s a wooden motorcycle that’s displayed, along with cycles and other wooden artefacts on the window sill.

 Once you enter the store, you see paintings of all shapes and sizes, gorgeous furniture, old chess sets, marble inlay work, wall hangings, wooden art from Kerala, European woodwork, and so much more.

What caught our eye was a pair of wooden cupids that looked like they were straight out of 19th century Europe. You could easily spend an hour browsing around the store, finding little gems along the way, and it’s worth all the time spent.

 The price range varies from article to article, where the owner himself hunts for pieces that are worthy of his store from across the world. But, we asked and were told that the price range begins from INR 500 and can go up to even a lakh for certain custom pieces if you’re interested. But, there are enough pieces in there in the affordable category to pick from.

 We’d visit it again, just to find something new, or should we say, old and vintage to add to our homes. So should you!

How Much Did It Cost?

INR 1,000 - INR 3,000

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