Good Food & A Great View: Head To Palm Beach Resort In Manori

Palm Beach Resort

What Makes It Awesome

Palm Beach Resort in Manori makes for a quick let’s-get-out-of-the-city getaway. You know, the ones made usually at the last minute. This quick escapade a) won’t cost you time and b) won’t burn a massive hole in your pocket. Widely popular for a one day trip, it is a pretty beach-side property lined with coconut trees and hammocks.

What We Love: This one's located in the lush greenery of Manori is an ideal getaway for reasons more than one. It may not be super aesthetic but its one of the oldest resorts in the area, with a staff that's warm and welcoming, and a view that offers serenity. It’s affordable and won’t cost you a day, just a few hours. Honestly, it’s the same amount of time one would take to travel from Andheri to SoBo. And we’d rather invest it here.

Shell Out: They've got really good deals and packages for your stay, but the best one's for any of you who'd want to travel with your partners. You've got to pay only INR 6,400 for a night, for a double bedroom at the resort (on the weekend) and enjoy a lavish stay that includes breakfast, lunch, dinner, snacks, and unlimited drinks (this one's valid throughout the year.) All of this and an AC room to finally unwind and relax in.


If you're traveling by car, it's just one and a half hours away. Travelling by the Manori Jetty is ideal, you'll reach this 'paradise' even faster!

Palm Beach Resort