It's Cake O'Clock: Order Cakes, Brownies & Breads From This Mom-Daughter Duo

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What Makes It Awesome

There's few things more satisfying than digging into a gooey, chocolaty brownie or delicious cake, am I right? If you feel similarly, like your woes melt away for a brief moment when chocolate hits your tongue, then this home baker mother-daughter duo may be just what you need.

Panaderia is a home baking business that's run by Ranjana and her daughter. While the OG business was started in Chennai by her son, it was in the lockdown of 2020 when he came home that she and her daughter were inspired to start up their own venture here in Mumbai. The pair are self-taught and we love how enthusiastic they are about continuing their baking journey and sharing it with their customers. The duo bake a wide range of eggless bakes from cakes , cupcakes , brownies and more. Personally, I am not a fan of fondant, so I was happy to learn that Panaderia does not use it, they are non-fondant bakers. 

The menu has plenty of variety from tea cakes to truffle cakes, monogram cakes for special occasions, cheesecakes, stuffed breads, cupcakes, cake jars and more. As I love all things Biscoff, the Chocolate Biscoff Cupcakes looked particularly appealing. And as it's mango season, you can also opt for the Mini Mango Cheesecakes - yum! For those who love gulab jamun, they also have a Gulab Jamun Cheesecake that looks delicious!


You can hit them up on Instagram or connect via the Enquire Now button for more details on pricing and custom orders.