Gang Of Four? This Homestay Cottage in Panchgani Is Perfect For You Guys



Travelling to Mahabaleshwar for the strawberry fields? Choose Ethereal, a lovely cottage in Panchgani for your stay. This cottage goes by the name of Ethereal, and is a homestay which is perfect for up to 4 people.

What Makes It Awesome

Ethereal has lovely hosts, who have you sorted. The house is pristine clean, has a slanting rooftop {whoever grew up on the fantasy of a Home Alone 3-like rooftop, say aye}, and large glass windows through which natural light streams in. There are two bedrooms here, one on the ground floor and a wooden staircase leading up to the second room.

The property is very well-maintained, kept extremely tidy and the kitchen stocked with cutlery and crockery. Remember to carry along food and/or ingredients if you want to cook.


The price per night is INR 5,000. You can give them a call at 9420697371.