Check Out Biryani And Paan-Flavoured Sweets At This Spanish Candy Store

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‘Tis time to stop pretending to be adults. Rush to Palladium Mall now to get your hands on candy by Papabubble, a Spanish brand now open in Mumbai.

The Sweet Escape

Papabubble opened its candy-filled counters for the first time in India today, and we got there before they could even say the word. Yes, you can buy the sweets there, but everything sold there is made right there in their candy lab, for us to view. The candy is sold in packets, jars, or even sassy gift boxes.

Each candy has colourful patterns, unique flavours and a definite pop of colour and flavour in your mouth. Pick from their swirly lollipops {from sizes small, medium, large and larger than life}, or go ballistic over the hard candy sold in fruity flavours. They have these candy pillow-shaped hard candy with flavours like biryani, paan masala, and kala khatta. There has been serious debate about these, almost affecting the air of harmony in office, as one of us loved the biryani and the other swore by the paan masala {so weird}.

They also sell sour candy dusted in sugar and the best of all – flavoured ‘cloud’ marshmallows which even non-lovers of fluff would appreciate in raspberry, strawberry, lemon and even chocolate flavours.

You’ve got to give them points for creativity with their sushi-candy, which looks like a sushi, comes with a wasabi-lookalike candy and chopsticks. Don’t worry, the flavour is basically lime.

Customisation Is The King

If you have a huge party or a wedding coming up and are hard-pressed for gifting ideas, this is your solution. Get your kind of candy made here in bulk, with the colour, design, logo you like. You can even choose to play the joker and recreate Bertie’s Every-Flavoured Beans and give a lemon flavour to an orange-coloured candy to fool your friends. {minimum order four kilos}. They also have a print-a-pop option coming soon where you can get sweets digitally printed on the spot for approx INR 500. Just give them a jpeg version of the picture you want, and make it up to your friend whose birthday you always forget.

So, We’re Saying…

We made a cookie rookie mistake and felt the low after the sugar high. The only solution? Don’t stop the sugar. Happy sugar rush to you too!