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Try The Juicy Mutton Steak And Hot Fries At This Tiny Parsi Joint In Colaba

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A tiny joint tucked away in the lanes of Colaba, Paradise is an amazing joint to hit up for mutton cutlet and lagan nu custard.

Chow Down

This place is owned by a Bawa who keeps the place closed two months of the year for his foreign travels. For the rest of the time, it’s for everyone who would like to visit one of the city’s oldest and more enduring restaurants.

This is a very simple place. There were only two servers when I went, who seemed to be working like covert operatives as they moved swiftly from table to table. Quiet and dark, it seemed like a cafe straight out of a noir film set in New Orleans.

In the midst of all this old school charm is the food. I love the mutton steak, which is juicy and very well-cooked, served with a side of exceptional French fries. You can also try the dhansak, the mutton curry and the heavenly custard for dessert.

Sip On

They have a couple of milkshakes, but nothing exceptional. I would say stick to the food.

Anything Else?

Parking is a big problem. But on the plus side, it’s usually empty so no need to make a reservation.