Fly Free: A Chance To Go Paragliding Is Just Two Hours Away From Mumbai

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There’s a place near Mumbai where you can jump off a cliff and glide safely on to land {ie, go paragliding}, and we tell you where.

What Is It About?

Once, paragliding was a feat our extended family who went on a Euro trip would boast about. Apart from the fact that we would think that they just looked like a dot in the sky, it was something we wanted to try. You can up your weekend trip game by not just travelling to Lonavala and whiling away time while sitting down, but up in the air instead.

By booking a spot, you have got yourself a slice of the sky, at least from the time you reach the Kamshet point {which is the pick up point} till the point your feet hit the sweet ground. There are three forms of paragliding you can undertake: the classic tandem {which is a shorter 10 minute session}, the instructional tandem {slightly longer, up to 15 minutes in which the instructor allows you to take control of the glider}.

Confident about your abilities to not hurl in the air? Try the acrobatic paragliding session, you daredevil, where you do a bunch of flips and turns while you’re paragliding, obviously still while being accompanied by the instructor.

So, We're Saying...

We think that within Maharashtra, we can complete our bucket list – take a hot air balloon ride, go river rafting, parasail and go paragliding too. So, who is giving us company?

#LBBTip: Pay an extra 1,000 rupees to get yourself a video recording of the adventure, and be one of those extended family who will show it off.

Book it here.

Price: For classic tandem paragliding, the weekday charge is INR 2499, the weekend rate is INR 2999.

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